We celebrate women that are defined by their spirit, women that believe in being effortless, genuine, and unconventional.
We take a light-hearted approach to classic watch design. Feminine but unfussy, luxurious yet wearable, modern but never cold.



Our light-hearted approach extends to Gomelsky's core. Even our brand name can be attributed to quick-witted actions. Victoria Gomelsky walked into our lives at our inaugural Basel Watch Fair launch in 2013, the introduction defined and set the tone of the brand.

Gomelsky has transformed into a character, representing the women in our lives with unforgiving personal style. We've gone on to define all of our collections by women in our lives, giving each watch a first name and distinct persona.


Gomelsky is proud to be a part of Bedrock Manufacturing Group. Our family of brands includes Shinola and Filson and as such we take great pride in being a meaningful part of our legacy of watch making and manufacturing. Each Gomelsky timepiece is proudly assembled in Detroit by the very same individuals that craft our Shinola brand watches.

We are committed to bringing qualitative and personal relationships to all of the products we create, and take great pride in each and every watch.