Hello, world. Gomelsky - a name as unique as women it's made for — your favorite great aunt, twice removed or the whisper of a new acquaintance you absolutely must meet at a party. Women with unapologetic style. The woman who wears Gomelsky pairs Chanel with Chucks. Stacks the Times next to the tabloids at brunch. Tries anything, and she’s always on the move. Except for when she isn’t — then she’s soaking up the sun, view, experience, or cocktail.  

Shirley, Eppie, and Audry - Each watch in our collection speaks to this woman in its own way. With details like sandstone, mother of pearl, diamonds, and malachite — each a unique piece of art. We are a passionate embrace of new and vintage, a delicate balance of what you know and love with modern craftsmanship.

 Gomelsky Brand Introduction

Our looks aren’t just for show, however. We’re proud to be part of Bedrock Manufacturing Group and like our sister brand, Shinola, we are built using the highest-quality materials and expertly assembled right here in Detroit.

Gomelsky Watch Manufacturing

Like getting reacquainted with an old friend, we invite you to explore our watches and the personas they embody. Ask questions. Dig deep. Hit the road together. Play with them. Or just relax. We believe when you find the one that’s just right for you, time might even stand still. And that’s how you know you’re truly in the moment.  

About Us Gomelsky Intro

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